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221 men from the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion took part in the Makin Raid on August 17th, 1942. 21 were killed during the action. 9 were separated from the main force during the raider’s retreat and taken prisoner by the Japanese, then being transported to Kwajalein, where they were beheaded by their captors on October 16th, 1942.

Each of the nine men who were murdered after being taken prisoner have       beside his name. It is the American symbol for the Prisoners of War and Missing in Action who lost their lives during American-involved conflicts.


Robert Allard              James Beecher              Vernon Castle                       Dallas Cook


Richard Davis                 I B Earles                         Daniel Gaston                Joseph Gifford


Ashley Hicks                 Gerald Holtom              Harris Johnson               John Kerns

Kenneth Kunkle                  Carlyle Larson             Edward Maciejewski      Alden Mattison 


Robert Maulding           Kenneth Montgomery      Norman Mortensen      Franklin Nodland


Richard Olbert           William Pallesen             Robert Pearson                Donald Roberton 


Charles Selby                   Cletus Smith                    Clyde Thomason            John Vandenberg

Medal of Honor Recipient

Mason Yarbrough               William Gallagher

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